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Information about Open Use

Links to guides for open use policies and observation proposals.

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The Astronomical Observation Data Service/ Analysis Portal provides links to open use data, data archives, and data analysis systems.
Astronomical Observation Data Service / Analysis Portal


NAOJ Recruitment Information

NAOJ constantly seeks talented new members. Application guidelines are published on the recruitment information page.

Acceptance of Sabbatical Researchers

NAOJ is accepting applications for researchers who wish to pursue independent investigation and research through the NAOJ sabbatical system.

Conferences and Events

Conference and Event Announcements

There are no announcements at this time.

Information regarding research conferences and events is also listed in the ‘For Researchers’ sections of individual project webpages. Project List


Gender Equality Promotion Committee

Publications Committee of NAOJ

NAOJ-GLOBAL— NAOJ Office of International Relations

Shaping the Future of Astronomy — At the Office of International Relations, we strive to contribute to the development of astronomical research by promoting international cooperation not only between NAOJ and overseas organizations, but also between people.

Information about the security access control system for NAOJ Mitaka buildings

“Regarding implementation of the Security Access Control System for NAOJ Mitaka Campus buildings and laboratories”

Using the NAOJ Library

NAOJ Library

Contact Information for NAOJ Researchers

List of NAOJ Research and Academic Staffs

NAOJ English Composition Style Guide

Permission for using Images and Videos in Presentations

Images can be downloaded from the NAOJ gallery and the galleries of individual projects. Please be aware that in some cases images related to research result announcements appear only on the research announcement page and not in the gallery.

Notice about the Image Use Policy

To use NAOJ images in research presentations or lectures, there is no need to apply for permission. Please credit the images “(c) NAOJ” or “Courtesy of NAOJ.” Even for paid lectures, as long as the lectures are for educational purposes, there is still no need to apply for permission.