National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

Scientific Goals and Missions - Center for Computational Astrophysics


The Center for Computational Astrophysics (CfCA) promotes computational astrophysics to explore the Universe as a Center of Excellence(COE) of this research area in Japan


The missions of this project are:

  1. to operate diverse computing resources, provide them to the Japanese astronomy community on an open-use basis, and support the progress of research activity in astronomy and astrophysics;
  2. to produce first-rate research achievements in the area of computational astrophysics; and
  3. to develop cutting-edge contents with astronomical data, and publicize the latest achievements in astronomy.

Primary Scientific Goals

The primary scientific goals of this project are:

  1. maintain stable operation of the open-use computing facilities, and serve as a COE for this research field in Japan;
  2. carry out research and development of the hardware/software dedicated to computational astrophysics, and obtain a substantial amount of first-rate academic achievements in astrophysics; and
  3. develop cutting-edge contents for the advanced 4-Dimensional Digital Universe (4D2U) program for visualization of astronomical data.

Target Date

End of March 2024