National Astronomical Observatory of Japan


As the cornerstone of astronomy research in Japan, NAOJ conducts a variety of research activities.


NAOJ is a research institute for astronomy in Japan. As a base for astronomy in Japan, we conduct various research activities centered around the open use of astronomical observation instruments.

In particular, in recent years, we have strongly promoted the development and operation of large-scale open-use facilities including ALMA and the Subaru Telescope and research utilizing these facilities. We are actively conducting theoretical astronomy using supercomputers. In this way, we contribute to the development of astronomy using both observational and theoretical approaches.

Why do we need so many telescopes?

NAOJ develops and operates a variety of telescopes at different wavelengths and sizes. Why do we observe the Universe using electromagnetic waves with various wavelengths such as visible light and radio waves? Why do we make telescopes with larger apertures and observe the Universe with them? Please watch the movies below to learn the answers and to understand the work of astronomers.