National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

NAOJ Nobeyama

NAOJ Nobeyama

NAOJ Nobeyama is located in the Nobeyama highlands in Nagano. Leading-edge observational instruments, including the Nobeyama 45-m Radio Telescope, the Nobeyama Millimeter Array, and the Nobeyama Radioheliograph have been established here to pursue various research themes related to the Universe.

Part of the observatory campus is open to the public. The tour course can be visited freely. The tour course has explanatory panels and visitors can look at observational instruments and results.

Visit Guide

Visitors’ Area
8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Annual Open House Day
An open campus event is held one day each year during summer vacation. The event includes opening the antenna which is normally closed to the public, special lectures, etc.
NAOJ Nobeyama


  • 462-2, Nobeyama, Minamimakimura, Minamisaku, Nagano 384-1305, Japan
  • +81-267-98-4300