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Ephemeris Computation Office, NAOJ
With the “Sky Viewer” you can easily explore the appearance of a typical urban night sky (planets and constellations are visible).The Celestial Phenomenasection of the glossary explains the planetary phenomena terms: greatest elongation, opposition, conjunction, stationary, etc.

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Social Media at NAOJ

NAOJ makes announcements via social media. For details, please refer to the social media list.

NAOJ Pamphlet

NAOJ Pamphlet
This pamphlet features introductions to NAOJ’s research targets, activities, organization, research facilities, projects, etc.

Visiting NAOJ

We, the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ), strive to be a research institute open to the public. Some of the facilities are open to the public to the extent that it doesn’t interfere with research activities. In addition to the latest observational instruments you can also see historical research equipment. You can feel the flow of history connecting past astronomical observations to current observations.

This site features visitors’ guides as well as directions to reach Mitaka Campus and other domestic and international facilitates.

Regular Events

Public events are held periodically at Mitaka Campus.

Regular Stargazing Parties
Stargazing parties are held with 50-cm Telescope for Public Outreach twice a month.

4D2U Dome Theater
4D2U Dome Theater is open to the public three times a month.