National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

Scientific Goals and Missions - JASMINE Project


The JASMINE project participates in and contributes to the Small JASMINE mission of JAXA/ISAS, aiming to realize the world’s first near-infrared high-precision astrometry and time-series photometry.


The missions of this project are:

  1. to contribute to scientific verification and development of the instruments and the data analysis software for the Small JASMINE mission of JAXA/ISAS; and
  2. to provide the scientific community with a catalogue of physical information, including parallaxes, proper motions and light curves, for stars in the Galactic Center, through an international framework under the leadership of JAXA/ISAS.

These contributions will be finalized in the System Definition Review (SDR) of JAXA/ISAS.

Primary Scientific Goals

The primary scientific goals of this project are:

  1. to reveal the Milky Way’s central core structure and formation history by measuring the distances and the motions of stars located as far as 26 thousand light-years away with high-precision astrometry observations in the near-infrared band;
  2. to explore the formation history of the Milky Way related to the origin of human beings by revealing the evolution of the Galactic structures, which caused the radial migration of the Sun and other stars with their planetary systems; and
  3. to find Earth-like habitable exoplanets, taking advantage of the time-series photometry capability required for the precision infrared astrometry.

These goals will be finalized at the Mission Definition Review (MDR) of JAXA/ISAS.

Target Date

End of March 2023