National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

Scientific Goals and Missions - SOLAR-C Project


The SOLAR-C project participates in and contributes to the Solar-C (EUVST) mission of JAXA/ISAS, aiming to explore key propositions in space science of how the plasma universe is created and evolves, and how the Sun influences the Earth, other interplanetary objects and the heliosphere.


The missions of this project are:

  1. to contribute to the development of the EUVST telescope and the functional and performance verifications of the telescope for the Solar-C (EUVST) mission of JAXA/ISAS; and
  2. to provide the scientific community with high-quality spectroscopic imaging data which enable to track and grasp dynamic solar plasma phenomena in the chromosphere (2 104 K) through the corona (1-20 106 K) thanks to advanced capabilities of seamless entire temperature coverage and about ten times higher spatial and temporal resolution than ever, under the leadership of JAXA/ISAS.

These contributions will be defined in the System Definition Review (SDR) of JAXA/ISAS.

Primary Scientific Goals

The primary scientific goals of this project are:

  1. to understand how fundamental processes lead to the formation of the solar high-temperature atmosphere and the solar wind; and
  2. to understand how the solar atmosphere becomes unstable, releasing the energy that drives solar flares and eruptions.

These goals will be defined at the Mission Definition Review (MDR) of JAXA/ISAS.

Target Date

End of March 2023