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Title Closing Date (Note) Release Date
Project Research Staff (Division of Science) May 20, 2021, noon April 7, 2021
Project Assistant Professor (Gravitational Wave Science Project) May 31, 2021, noon April 6, 2021
[The ALMA Joint Scientific Research Program] Project Research Staff (The research project “A Systematic Study of the Dust Build-up in the Epoch of Reionization”) Screening of applicants will begin from April 5, 2021 and will continue until the position has been filled. The final deadline for application submissions is May 14, 2021, 15:00. March 10, 2021
Assistant Professor (Gravitational Wave Science Project) May 7, 2021, noon February 4, 2021
National Institutes of Natural Sciences International Research Collaboration Center, Specially Appointed Research Employee (IRCC-AFP / Princeton)
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April 21, 2021, 17:00 January 19, 2021

(Note) Unless otherwise specified, the time zone is Japan Standard Time.

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