National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

Confirmed Cases of COVID-19

Starting from July 25, 2022, new COVID-19 cases among the NAOJ community will be announced on this page once a week. New cases reported from Monday through Sunday will be tallied and posted on this page on the following Monday (or the next working day if the Monday is a holiday) at approximately 4 pm (JST). If no new cases are identified, this page will not be updated.

In order to protect the infected members’ privacy, NAOJ will not disclose their names or any other information that could be used to identify them. We ask for your understanding on this matter.

Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 (2023)

Date of Confirmed DiagnosisPlaceNumber of CasesDate of Announcement
April 5Mitaka Campus3 studentsApril 10
March 7domestic branch1 employeeMarch 13
February 5Mitaka Campus1 relevant personFebruary 13
February 4Mitaka Campus1 relevant personFebruary 13
January 31Mitaka Campus1 relevant personFebruary 6
January 27Mitaka Campus1 employeeFebruary 6
January 17domestic branch1 employeeJanuary 23
January 14Mitaka Campus1 employeeJanuary 23
January 10Mitaka Campus1 studentJanuary 16
January 4Mitaka Campus1 employeeJanuary 16
January 6Mitaka Campus1 employeeJanuary 10
January 4Mitaka Campus1 employeeJanuary 10
January 3Mitaka Campus1 employeeJanuary 10
January 2Mitaka Campus1 employeeJanuary 10
January 2domestic branch1 employeeJanuary 10
December 26, 2022Mitaka Campus1 employeeJanuary 10

Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 (2022)

Date of Confirmed DiagnosisPlaceNumber of CasesDate of Announcement
December 25Mitaka Campus2 employeesDecember 26
December 22Mitaka Campus1 employeeDecember 26
December 21Mitaka Campus2 employeesDecember 26
December 20Mitaka Campus1 studentDecember 26
December 19Mitaka Campus1 employeeDecember 26
December 17Mitaka Campus1 employeeDecember 19
December 16Mitaka Campus1 studentDecember 19
December 14domestic branch1 studentDecember 19
December 10Mitaka Campus1 employeeDecember 12
December 7Mitaka Campus2 employeesDecember 12
December 5Mitaka Campus1 employeeDecember 12
November 28Mitaka Campus1 relevant personDecember 5
November 25Mitaka Campus1 studentDecember 5
November 23Mitaka Campus1 employeeNovember 28
November 21Mitaka Campus1 employeeNovember 28
November 18domestic branch1 employeeNovember 28
November 16Mitaka Campus1 employeeNovember 21
November 15Mitaka Campus1 employeeNovember 21
November 12overseas branch1 employeeNovember 14
November 10Mitaka Campus1 employeeNovember 14
November 8Mitaka Campus1 employeeNovember 14
November 4overseas branch1 employeeNovember 7
November 1Mitaka Campus1 employeeNovember 7
October 27overseas branch1 relevant personOctober 31
October 27overseas branch1 employeeOctober 31
October 27Mitaka Campus1 employeeOctober 31
October 26Mitaka Campus1 employeeOctober 31
October 25Mitaka Campus1 employeeOctober 31
October 24Mitaka Campus1 employeeOctober 31
October 14Mitaka Campus1 relevant personOctober 31
October 12overseas branch1 employeeOctober 17
October 11during an overseas business trip1 employeeOctober 17
October 1during a domestic business trip1 employeeOctober 3
September 28Mitaka Campus1 employeeOctober 3
September 26Mitaka Campus1 employeeOctober 3
September 19Mitaka Campus1 employeeSeptember 20
September 16Mitaka Campus1 studentSeptember 20
September 15Mitaka Campus1 studentSeptember 20
September 14Mitaka Campus1 employeeSeptember 20
September 11during a domestic business trip1 relevant personSeptember 12
August 22domestic branch1 employeeAugust 29
August 19during an overseas business trip1 employeeAugust 29
August 20Mitaka Campus1 employeeAugust 22
August 18during an overseas business trip1 employeeAugust 22
August 18domestic branch1 relevant personAugust 22
August 18overseas branch2 employeesAugust 22
August 18Mitaka Campus1 studentAugust 22
August 18Mitaka Campus3 employeesAugust 22
August 13Mitaka Campus1 studentAugust 15
August 9domestic branch1 employeeAugust 15
August 8domestic branch1 employeeAugust 15
August 8during an overseas business trip1 employeeAugust 15
August 7Mitaka Campus1 employeeAugust 8
August 6during an overseas business trip1 employeeAugust 8
August 5domestic branch1 employeeAugust 8
August 4Mitaka Campus2 employeesAugust 8
August 3Mitaka Campus2 employeesAugust 8
August 2Mitaka Campus1 employeeAugust 8
August 1Mitaka Campus1 employeeAugust 8
July 30Mitaka Campus1 employeeAugust 1
July 29Mitaka Campus1 employeeAugust 1
July 27during an overseas business trip1 employeeAugust 1
July 25during an overseas business trip1 employeeAugust 1
July 25overseas branch1 employeeAugust 1
July 25Mitaka Campus1 employeeAugust 1

Past Announcements of Infection Cases