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Moonbow that Appeared in the Southern Island, 2012


Moonbow that Appeared in the Southern Island, 2012

On the evening of January 7, 2012 a moonbow, a rainbow made by moonlight, appeared on the west side of Ishigaki-jima Astronomical Observatory. This is one of the pictures taken at that time. That evening there were intermittent showers and a bright moon near full phase in the sky. Looking out towards Iriomote-jima, the illumination from the moonbow could be seen for about 30 minutes in the direction of the Ryukyukannonsaki Light House. Compared to the vibrance of a rainbow made by sunlight during the day, the shades of a rainbow made from moonlight are faint and thin, but they are filled with a quiet, phantasmal glow.

Text by: Hidekazu Hanayama (Ishigaki-jima Astronomical Observatory)
Translation by: Ramsey Lundock (NAOJ)

Image Data

CameraNikon D7000
LensNIKKOR 10.5mm f/2.8G ED
ExposureF2.8, 30 seconds, ISO800
Date19:38 January 7, 2012 (Japan Central Standard Time)
PhotographerHidekazu Hanayama
CopyrightNational Astronomical Observatory of Japan


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