National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

The Moon Approaching Jupiter (June, 2017)

June 4, 2017, 21:00, the sky of Tokyo
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The Awesome Medley of the Moon and Jupiter

In the beginning of June, Jupiter shines brightly in the southern to southwestern sky after sunset. Just a bit east of Jupiter, the 1st magnitude star Spica shines in the constellation Virgo. On June 3 and 4, close to Jupiter shines the Moon, which having waxed passed first quarter has become slightly rounded. Both the gibbous moon, which shines gentler than a full moon, and -2 magnitude Jupiter show their presence. It will be a beautiful sight.

Reference: Ephemeris Computation Office

You can look up the rising and setting times for the Sun and the Moon, and the phases of the Moon in the “Koyomi Station” of the NAOJ Ephemeris Computation Office. You can find the appearance of the Moon and planets as seen from a typical city under “Sky Viewer.”