National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

Project Research Fellow (General)

National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) has fellowship programs for young researchers for early career who contribute to project research or job as well as conduct their own research independently. The applicant selects a host researcher with a project research/job theme of the projects, centers or science division except for Subaru, ALMA (including NAOJ Chile), and TMT funded by Frontier budget.

The successful candidates are

NAOJ welcome young researchers with motivation to gain project expertise and to conduct their own research for the future academic career.

Job Announcement

Number of positions
3 positions per year
Research Area
Theoretical/observations astronomy, development astronomical instrument or related field.
Job Description
  • The fellows are expected to spend up to 50 % of their time to conduct jobs/researches requested by the project one belongs to.

Research List

  • The fellow is expected to spend the rest for their own research.
  • An annual performance review will be conducted to see if the candidate performs well for both project job/research and own research.
The applicant must have a PhD degree on astronomy or related fields or will have the next Mar 31st.
The applicant is evaluated for a plan to match with the project job/research with competences to carry out the plan as well as scientific achievement in the selection process.
NAOJ Campus dependent on host researcher. Mitaka in Tokyo, Mizusawa in Iwate, Nobeyama in Nagano, Okayama in Okayama, Kamioka in Gifu, and Santiago in Chile
The term is for three years with no extension, including the probation period of six months. If the successful candidate had been a Project Research Fellow or a Researcher (Part-time Contract Employee) at NAOJ before, the term may be adjusted so that the total length of employment does not exceed five years.
Selection Process (subject to change)
Application:Sep to October end.
Screening for short list:November
Offer:End of November

Working Conditions

Employee on Annual Salary System
Project Research Staff
Host Project
The applicant chooses a project, center, or division of science except for Subaru, ALMA, and TMT)
  • Annual salary of 4200 kJPY, compensation for commuting expenses (up to 55 kJPY per month). No bonus or pension money is given.
  • Annual research funds of 500 kJPY.
  • The qualification to apply for Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research is given.
Work Type & hours
Discretionary work type. Deemed working hours are 38h45min working hours/week, from 8:30 and end at 17:15 daily.
Saturday, Sunday, National Holidays、and Dec 29 – Jan 3rd
Annual paid leave of 20 days, paid leave up to three consecutive days in summer, paid leaves for funeral service etc.
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Mutual Aid Association (Health Insurance), Employees' Pension Insurance, Employment Insurance, Workers' Compensation Insurance
Travel and relocation cost
The travel and relocation costs to NAOJ will be covered, subject to the travel regulations of NINS (details must be arranged with the administration office).
Relocation in foreign countries
In the case of relocating to work at NAOJ Chile Observatory(Santiago) from outside Chile, you will be paid an allowance in addition to the annual salary written above.