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NAOJ Fellow Recruitment

NAOJ Fellowship

The National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ), National Institutes of Natural Sciences has a staff recruiting system called National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Fellowship (NAOJ fellows) for highly qualified independent young researchers.


We welcome ambitious young researchers who will use their research at NAOJ to open new frontiers in astronomy and become world-leaders in those new fields.

Announcement – NAOJ Fellow 2020

Job Vacancies

Recruitment Overview

Research areas
Astronomy, development of astronomical instruments, or related fields.
Job description
Depends on the successful candidates’ research plans.
Doctor’s degree or expected to obtain doctor’s degree by the first day of this appointment.
NAOJ Mitaka Campus (Osawa, Mitaka, Tokyo), Mizusawa Campus (Hoshigaoka, Mizusawa, Oshu, Iwate), NAOJ Nobeyama Campus (Nobeyama, Minamimakimura, Minamisaku, Nagano), Subaru Telescope (Hilo, Hawaiʻi, U.S.A.), or NAOJ Chile Observatory (Santiago, Chile).
In principle, the term is five years from the day of arrival.
Recruitment process (scheduled)
Application period: August to Mid-September
Document selection: Mid-September to late October
Interview: Late October
Hiring decision: Early November

Working Conditions of Employment

Employee on Annual Salary System
Position title
Project Assistant Professor (NAOJ Fellow, Employee on Annual Salary System)
Affiliated division
Project, Center, or Division to which the supervisor belongs
6,600,000 JPY per annum (one-twelfth of it payable each month) plus compensation for commuting expenses.
Daily work schedule
Flex-time system. Basically 8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. (60 minutes break)
Every Saturday, Sunday, National Holidays, and New Year’s Holiday (Dec. 29 to following Jan. 3)
20 days of annual leave, summer vacation, special leave for weddings and funerals, etc (all paid).
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Mutual Aid Association (health insurance), welfare annuity insurance, employment insurance, and workmen’s compensation insurance.
Personal transfer allowance
Paid (with conditions)
In case of working overseas
In the case of relocating to work at Subaru Telescope (Hilo, Hawaiʻi) from outside Hawaiʻi, U.S.A. or at NAOJ Chile Observatory (Santiago) from outside Chile, you will be paid an allowance in addition to the annual salary written above.
If you work at Subaru Telescope (Hilo, Hawaiʻi), you will be employed through the Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii (RCUH). Salaries and allowances will be paid in US dollars.

New Career after the NAOJ Fellowship

Next Employer after the NAOJ fellowship

Next Employer after the NAOJ fellowship
Next Employer
Classification Number of people
National, public, private universities, colleges, and the attached research institutes 4
Domestic research institutions such as Incorporated Administrative Agencies and Inter-University Research Institute Corporations 8
Private Companies 0
Overseas universities/research institutions etc. 0
Others 0

Examples of Next Employers: The University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Ehime University, NAOJ, JAXA

Next Position after the NAOJ fellowship

Next Position after the NAOJ fellowship
Next Position
Classification Number of people
Professors/Associate Professors (includes temporary and annual salary employees) 2
Assistant Professors (includes temporary and annual salary employees) 6
Research fellows and postdocs (regular employees and part time employees) 4
Lecturers at university and other institutes (regular employees and part time employees) 0
Other research and education related jobs 0
Others 0

Employment History

Year Hired Name Project
2019 Sugiyama, Naonori Division of Science
Takasao, Shinsuke Division of Science
BENOMAR, Othman Michel Solar Science Observatory
2018 Shimakawa, Rizumu Subaru Telescope
Suzuki, Akihiro Division of Theoretical Astronomy
2017 Izumi, Takuma Subaru Telescope
Kataoka, Akimasa Division of Theoretical Astronomy
Hull, Charles L H (Chat) NAOJ Chile Observatory
Shirasaki, Masato Division of Theoretical Astronomy
2016 Hayashi, Masao Subaru Telescope
Okamoto, Joten NAOJ Chile Observatory
Ogihara, Masahiro Division of Theoretical Astronomy
Moriya, Takashi Division of Theoretical Astronomy

(Note 1) Only records since 2016 are listed.
(Note 2) Project names are as of the time of employment.

Announcement – NAOJ Fellow 2019