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Partial Solar Eclipse (June 21, 2020)

A partial solar eclipse will occur across Japan in the afternoon of June 21, 2020. This is a dedicated page for providing NAOJ’s live stream of the solar eclipse and solar images captured by the Solar Flare Telescope installed at NAOJ Mitaka Campus.

Live Stream (Japanese language only)

The solar eclipse will be live-streamed from Ishigakijima Observatory, Nayoro Observatory, and the Solar Flare Telescope at NAOJ Mitaka Campus.

Solar Flare Telescope: Hα fulldisk images (updated every minute)

Ha fulldisk
All images are oriented with celestial north up and celestial west to the right. The times shown in the images are Universal Time (UT). Japan Standard Time (JST) can be derived by adding 9 hours to UT (00:00:00 UT = 09:00:00 JST). (Credit: NAOJ) / Original size


Solar Eclipse Forecast

LocationStartMaximum EclipseEclipse MagnitudeArea RatioEnd

The live stream is scheduled to include a feed from Ishigaki Island Okinawa, where the eclipse will start earlier than the time listed for Tokyo. Be sure to watch from the beginning to avoid missing any of the action.

For Press

The live streaming and the images can be used without any prior permission as long as they are used for news reports. When you use NAOJ's materials, please include proper credits like “Credit: NAOJ”. When you use the live streaming from Nayoro Observatory, please include proper credits like “Credit: Nayoro Observatory”. For more information about the use of our copyrighted materials, please refer to the “Guide to Using NAOJ Website Copyrighted Materials” and the “Terms of Use of the Website of NAOJ.”

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