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Dr. Masami Ouchi named as a Highly Cited Researcher 2019

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Ms. Asako Watanabe (left) presenting the certificate to Dr. Masami Ouchi (right). (Credit: NAOJ)

Dr. Masami Ouchi, a professor at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ), Division of Science, has been named as a Highly Cited Researcher 2019 by Clarivate Analytics.

The purpose of this award is to recognize, based on citation data from Web of Science, influential researchers who have published many highly cited papers (ranking in the top 1%) during the last 11 years. The present form of Highly Cited Researchers started in 2014 and has since recognized thousands of the world’s researchers annually from 21 research fields of social and natural sciences. The 2019 recipient list identified a total of 6,249 researchers from nearly 60 nations, including 100 from Japan. This year, only one Japanese researcher in space science won the award and this was the first time a researcher from NAOJ received this honor.

The award ceremony for Dr. Ouchi was held at NAOJ Mitaka Campus on January 9, 2020. At the ceremony, Ms. Asako Watanabe, Senior Director of Government & Academia, Scientific and Academic Research (SAR) at Clarivate Analytics, presented the certificate to Dr. Ouchi and explained the purpose of the award. Dr. Ouchi made an acceptance speech and Dr. Masao Saito, Director of Research Coordination, commented on Ouchi’s achievements. Following that, the two researchers talked about the research subjects.

Dr. Ouchi said with pleasure “I wouldn’t have achieved this honor without NAOJ’s open-use facilities including the Subaru Telescope and ALMA. I deeply appreciate the contributions of my co-authors and NAOJ. I would like to pursue even more exciting research and inspire my young scientist collaborators, aiming to increase the number of recipients of this award.”

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