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Opening of “1 min. NAOJ TOPICS” a Special Website for Videos

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We are pleased to announce the opening of “1 min. NAOJ TOPICS,” a special website collecting easy to understand 1 minute videos introducing some of the research activities being conducted at NAOJ. These videos were produced in 2014 to introduce NAOJ’s activities to researchers both inside and outside of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, but the content is easy to understand for many people other than just researchers.

All together there are 14 TOPICS. These diverse videos are presented one by one, starting with research results about solar activity and exoplanet surveys, then proceeding on to observations of the Universe by radio waves, and the development of new observational instruments.

Please enjoy this sample of leading edge astronomy research presented in the words of the researchers themselves.

Outreach Videos

This special website also includes the following 4 outreach videos:

NAOJ Corporate Video 2013
A promotional video created to introduce the research activities of NAOJ along with its domestic and international observatories. For NAOJ’s overall structure, watch this first.
Analyzing the Universe at multiple wavelengths
Why are there many different types of telescopes such as optical telescopes and radio telescopes? This video explains the reasons for observing the Universe at various wavelengths.
Telescope: Going back through the Universe’s History
Why do astronomers endeavor to build large telescopes to observe far away? This video explains the answer and the challenges facing astronomers.
Research and Education at NAOJ
This video introduces the latest astronomy research being conducted at NAOJ, graduate level education, and the educational environment.

Particularly in “Analyzing the Universe at multiple wavelengths” and “Telescope: Going back through the Universe’s History,” you can understand astronomers’ curiosity, which forms the basis for NAOJ’s activities. Please watch them along with the TOPICS.

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