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Protostar displays a strange geometry

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Artist’s impression of L1527
Artist's impression of L1527. Central protostar (white) is surrounded by a protoplanetary disk (orange) and a large envelope of molecules and dust (purple). Original Size (3.7MB)

Using observations of molecules in the protostar L1527 taken by the ALMA observatory in northern Chile, a group of researchers have uncovered new clues to understanding how dust in a collapsing molecular cloud can shed angular momentum and penetrate beyond an area known as the “centrifugal barrier” to find its way to the surface of the forming star.

These observation results were published as Sakai et al. “Vertical Structure of the Transition Zone from Infalling Rotating Envelope to Disk in the Class 0 Protostar, IRAS04368+2557” in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society in February 2017.

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