National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

4D2U Dome Theater

The Four-dimensional Digital Universe Project (4D2U Project) develops the four-dimensional visualize experimental system "4D2U digital universe theater" for visualizing celestial bodies and astronomical phenomena in four dimensions refer to the three dimensions of space and the one dimension of time.

The scales of the universe space and time that are the target of astronomy are immensity. There is each structure in various space scale, and it changes with corresponding time scale. The project draws the evolutions of the universe structure by the most advanced computer, and tries to visualize astronomical data in a way that helps watchers feel as if they are witnessing the unfolding of the universe with the latest research results.

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4D2U Dome Theater
DomeDiameter 10 m
Projective techniqueActive shutter system
Seating capacity40
Completion2007 (Heisei era 19)