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SOLAR-C Project

About SOLAR-C Project

We aim to carry out the SOLAR-C satellite mission that follows the HINODE for elucidating a link between solar magnetic fields and the solar activity. HINODE observations have shown that there are unexpected ubiquitous activities of tiny jets and waves in the 104 kelvins temperature chromosphere, and a new small-scale heating event with dynamical motions at the base of the corona. These are understood as phenomena that are strongly associated with the solar magnetic fields. Based on unprecedented high-resolution imaging and spectroscopic observations the SOLAR-C will resolve the fundamental scales of magnetic structures over the solar atmosphere. It will reveal the origins of solar activity through the measurement of magnetic fields in the chromosphere. We are also promoting a sounding-rocket and a balloon programs to acquire the necessary technology for the chromospheric magnetometry.


The CLASP instrument for a rocket-borne experiment
The CLASP instrument for a rocket-borne experiment (to aim for observing magnetic fields in the chromosphere to the transition region in the far ultraviolet range). A similar technique is to be used for the SOLAR-C spectro-polarimetry.
SOLAR-C satellite in orbit (an artist's impression)
Solar-C_EUVST (an artist’s impression)