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Astronomy Data Center

About the Astronomy Data Center

The Astronomy Data Center (ADC) serves as a “hub” of astronomical data among the astronomy community, research institutes, and universities. ADC works with NAOJ’s facilities including the Subaru Telescope, ALMA, Nobeyama Radio Telescopes, VERA, ASTE, HINODE, and RISE to archive and delivers observational data taken with the facilities. ADC offers advanced and comprehensive services related to astronomical data by providing researchers with open-use data analysis computer environments and support for calibration and analysis of astronomical data. As one of the core centers of NAOJ, ADC collaborates with NAOJ facilities already in operation as well as those still in planning and construction in order to plan for the integration and sharing of computing and human resources related to data operations. In cooperation with the astronomy community, ADC is also promoting Big Data and archive research on astronomical phenomena by combining the various strengths of different data set.

ADC’s data services for researchers

Figure 1
Open-use data analysis terminal room (left), and data analysis servers (right).
Figure 2
Data archive web interfaces and delivery services: data download screen of MASTARS (Mitaka Subaru Telescope Archive System; left), advanced data search screen of SMOKA (Subaru Mitaka Okayama Kiso Archive; center), and portal screen of JVO (Japanese Virtual Observatory; right).

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