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Dr. Hanayama Receives Yoshihide Kozai Award

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Dr. Hanayama and the Murikabushi Telescope. (Credit: NAOJ)

Dr. Hidekazu Hanayama, Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) at Ishigakijima Astronomical Observatory, Public Relations Center, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ), has been selected to receive the FY 2022 Yoshihide Kozai Award. This award recognizes his great work in the management and operation of Ishigakijima Astronomical Observatory and the promotion of astronomy.

Ishigakijima Astronomical Observatory is a unique facility in that it is operated by a collaboration of six entities: NAOJ, Ishigaki City, Ishigaki City Education Committee, the Specified Nonprofit Corporation Yaeyamahoshinokai, Okinawa Prefecture Ishigaki Youth Center, and the University of the Ryukyus.

Dr. Hanayama joined Ishigakijima Astronomical Observatory in 2009 as a researcher, and has engaged in observational research of Solar System bodies and transient sources with the 105 centimeter aperture Murikabushi Telescope. As the Head of the facility since 2017, he has been responsible for operating the facility in cooperation with the local community. This award recognizes Dr. Hanayama’s achievements promoting Ishigakijima Astronomical Observatory’s outreach, education, and research activities and the management skills he has demonstrated by coordinating between groups inside and outside of NAOJ.

The Yoshihide Kozai Award is presented by the Nonprofit Public Organization: Foundation for Promotion of Astronomy to recognize young researchers, 45 years old or younger, who have made outstanding contributions to astronomy or related fields. This is the third time the award has been presented, but Dr. Hanayama is the first to receive it for “outstanding achievements in management helping to promote astronomy.”

The award presentation ceremony was held, together with the ceremonies for other awards from the Astronomical Society of Japan (ASJ), during the ASJ Spring Annual Meeting 2023.

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