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Professor Satoshi Miyazaki Wins Nishina Memorial Prize

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Left: Professor Satoshi Miyazaki (Credit: NAOJ), Right: Hyper Suprime-Cam (HSC) (Credit: NAOJ/HSC Project).

Professor Satoshi Miyazaki in the Advanced Technology Center at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan has been chosen to receive the Nishina Memorial Prize in 2021.

The research recognized by this award is “contributions to observational cosmology through the development of a wide-field-of-view camera for the Subaru Telescope.” Professor Miyazaki developed the ultra-wide-field-of-view camera Hyper Suprime-Cam (HSC) mounted on the Subaru Telescope. Data from the large-scale survey observations using HSC have enabled the creation of a map of the 3-dimensional structure of dark matter unprecedented in both detail and volume. And from this map it is possible to trace the time evolution of the spatial distribution. This award recognizes the contributions to observational cosmology by HSC’s technological development and the scientific researcher using the camera.

Professor Miyazaki comments, “True the camera development work is finished, but it was still surprising to receive this kind of big award while the survey project is still in progress. I see this award as encouragement for the many collaborators involved in this research to work hard on all of their projects.”

The Nishina Memorial Prize commemorates the distinguished service of the late Dr. Yoshio Nishina. It is awarded to researchers for outstanding achievements in the wide spectrum of research fields of basic and applied physics in Japan.

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