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ALMA Band 10 development team won the Super Conductor Science and Technology Award

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ALMA Band 10 development team members received the Super Conductor Science and Technology Award from the Society of Non-Traditional Technology for their successful development of the Band 10 receiver covering the frequency range from 787 GHz to 950 GHz, whose development was thought to be most difficult among ten receiver bands of ALMA.

  • Awarded for: The development of the SIS receiver technique for the ALMA Band 10 receiver
  • Award winners: Yoshinori Uzawa, Matthias Kroug, Masanori Takeda, Takafumi Kojima, Yasunori Fujii, Takashi Noguchi, and Zhen Wang

Yoshinori Uzawa, who leads the Band 10 Receiver Team, expressed his joy saying, "We owe this award not only to the team members but also to all the people who have supported our activities. We still have a lot of work to do, but we will vigorously push forward the development toward the completion of ALMA."

In addition to this award, the achievement of the Band 10 development team has been highly evaluated both in Japan and abroad: Takafumi Kojima, a member of the development team, received the 27th JSAP (The Japan Society of Applied Physics) Incentive Award for Excellent Presentation for the development of the SIS mixer for Band 10, and a photo of the Band 10 superconducting mixer appeared on the cover of the Superconductor Science and Technology in November, 2009.


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