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Organic Molecule (Methyl Formate) in the First Torsionally Excited State Identified!!

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Researchers from the University of Toyama and Nobeyama Radio Observatory, NAOJ have assigned 7 unidentified lines in Orion KL from previous line surveys around 97 GHz with Nobeyama 45 m radio telescope to the first torsionally excited methyl formate (Kobayashi et al. 2007 ApJL 657, L17). Recent progress on the assignment of laboratory spectra of methyl formate made it possible the successful assignments and in addition, at least 13 lines from other line surveys were also identified. The detection helps to estimate the temperature and the abundance of this molecule and chemical reaction where the radio signal comes from. It is quite likely that many unidentified lines can be explained by this kind of organic molecules in the torsionally excited states.


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