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Antenna Maintenance at an Altitude of 5000 Meters


Antenna Maintenance at an Altitude of 5000 Meters

ALMA technical staff members perform maintenance on a Japan-made 7-meter antenna using a cherry picker. This is the ALMA Array Operations Site at an altitude of 5000 meters. It is not easy to perform maintenance in this environment with glaring sunlight, high winds, low temperatures, and low oxygen. The technical staff performs daily maintenance carefully so that ALMA can efficiently carry out the many observation proposals it accepts from astronomers around the world.

Text by: Masaaki Hiramatsu (NAOJ Chile Observatory)
Translation by: Hiroko Tsuzuki and Ramsey Lundock (Public Relations Center, NAOJ)

Image Data

DateApril 3, 2014
PhotographerMasaaki Hiramatsu
CreditNational Astronomical Observatory of Japan


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