National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

A Stroll through the ALMA Array Operations Site


I took a stroll around the 5000-m altitude ALMA Array Operations Site carrying a 360-degree camera.

In this video, please enjoy the ambience of the site which is difficult to convey with a normal photograph: the 5000-m class mountains visible in the distance and the plain spreading out between them; the rustling of the strong wind; the dazzling sunlight; the differing shapes of antennas produced in Japan, America, or Europe; the appearance of the ground; etc.

Text by: Masaaki Hiramatsu (NAOJ Chile Observatory)
Translation by: Ramsey Lundock (NAOJ)

Video data

DateMarch 14, 2016
PhotographerMasaaki Hiramatsu
CreditNational Astronomical Observatory of Japan

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