National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

NAOJ Mitaka Campus, Spring 2015


NAOJ Mitaka Campus, Spring 2015

NAOJ Mitaka Campus is located on the Musashino Plateau, above the Kokubunji Cliff Line carved by the flow of the ancient Tama River. Looking at this aerial photo, the campus’s lush woods raise the outline of the slightly elevated ligulate (tongue shaped) plateau sandwiched between the No River and a channel eroded by one of its branches (now a city street) up from inside this urban area.

On a clear day in 2015, Mitaka received a heavy dose of spring weather. The cherry trees planted in the campus all blossomed into full bloom together. After the glory of the blossoms, we moved into early summer overflowing with deep greens and the colors of many wild flowers. Please enjoy site seeing in NAOJ.

Text by: Seiichiro Naito (NAOJ Public Relations Center)
Translation by: Ramsey Lundock (NAOJ)