National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

About applying for media coverage

NAOJ Mitaka Headquarters

People who would like to conduct media coverage (including filming, photography or interviews) at the NAOJ Mitaka Headquarters should apply using the Application Form. After you receive the auto-reply email, please send the following documents to us by e-mail within 24 hours. The email address for sending the documents will be written in the auto-reply email.

  • Project proposal that describes the contents of the coverage (in order for us to understand the purpose / general idea)
  • Previous programs/webpages produced by this project (if any)

*Please limit the file size to 20 MB.

Application Form

Later, a delegate from the Public Relations Center will inform you of the acceptance/rejection of the application for media coverage.

Also, NAOJ does not allow coverage for commercial use, except in cases that the coverage is in principle for astronomy and science education / outreach activities. In addition, please understand that in some cases NAOJ does not allow the coverage based on the purpose or contents.

Contents which are not acceptable based on policy

  • Contents that are not directly related to astronomical events, such as airplane tracks.
  • Contents about plans for manned exploration / immigration (to Mars, etc.)
  • Contents, such as horoscopes or UFOs, for which the scientific explanation / evidence is unclear.

Each branches

For media coverage of the Subaru Telescope or the NAOJ Chile Observatory, please follow the procedures explained on their respective websites to apply.

Subaru Telescope

Media Coverage at Subaru Telescope

NAOJ Chile Observatory

Request for Interview

For media coverage of Nobeyama Radio Observatory or Okayama Astrophysical Observatory, please contact the following telephone number.

NAOJ Nobeyama

Okayama Astrophysical Observatory