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For the Press

Gathering Material at NAOJ

About applying for media coverage
Please refer to this guide to apply for permission to collect material at NAOJ Mitaka Headquarters.

Using NAOJ Contents

Using Contents for the Purpose of Reporting

In the case that a news organization uses contents on the NAOJ webpage as press materials, there is no need to apply for permission from NAOJ. However, the material needs to be clearly attributed to NAOJ.

Using Contents for Commercial Purposes

For commercial television programs, books, websites, etc., which are not primarily news outlets, it is necessary to apply for permission from the copyright holder beforehand.

If you want to use NAOJ contents for commercial purposes, please make sure to apply with NAOJ beforehand.

Because it can take several days to a week to process a request, please allot time for this in you scheduling. In cases where it is unclear whether or not the activities are ‘commercial’ please fill out an application so NAOJ can contact you.