Mitaka Open House Day is the special open campus of National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Institute of Astronomy School of Science the University of Tokyo, and Department of Astronomical Sciences School of Physics Sciences the Graduate University for Advanced Studies. There are many contents such as open facilities, give lectures, and so on. Also, there are selling goods and holding star party by cooperation, events at Mitaka Picture Book House in Astronomical Observatory Forest. Let's have a nice day in Mitaka campus with rich nature.

Friday, October 26, 2012 2p.m.-7p.m. Admission is until 6 p.m.
It is to open and exhibit some parts of facilities, mini lectures, Q&A corner, star party (be canceled due to weather condition)
*The guests cannot admission and visit the campus until 2 p.m.
Saturday, October 27, 2012 10a.m.-7p.m. Admission is until 6 p.m.
There are many fan events that open and exhibit the main observation and experiment facilities, introduce the research, lectures, mini lectures, Q&A corner, stamp rally, star party (be canceled due to weather condition) and so on.

Main Theme Life of a Star ~From Baby Star to Supernova~

National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Mitaka campus
Institute of Astronomy, the University of Tokyo (next to NAOJ Mitaka Campus)
Mitaka Picture Book House in the Astronomical Observatory Forest
National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
[ Notes ]
  • The program (map) give away at the admission desk. When you visit the campus, please visit here at first.
  • On the day, there are parking place for bicycle and motor bike.  Please walk a bicycle in the campus.
    Please do not come to the campus by a car. (The visitor parking of NAOJ would not be opened on Oct. 26 - Oct. 27.)
    If the visitors with disabilities want to visit by a car, please contact us. We will arrange for that.
  • Please do not take your pets in to the campus. However, the service animals are accommodated to the campus.
  • Smoking is prohibit in the campus except smoking area (only one place).

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