National Astronomical Observatory of Japan



45-m Radio Telescope

The Nobeyama Radio Observatory (NRO) has a 45-m Radio Telescope. The 45-m telescope is one of the largest telescopes for millimeter wave observations in the world. Radio telescopes can reveal the structures of the Universe that we cannot see with our own eyes. For example, clumps of interstellar gas from which stars are formed (molecular clouds) are very cold and they cannot be observed with optical telescopes. However, we can observe the structure and kinematics of such molecular clouds in detail with radio telescopes and can investigate how stars with wide variety are formed in galaxies. Other than that, the 45-m telescope obtained significant results such as discovery of the supermassive black hole in the spiral galaxies NGC 4258 and detection of various interstellar molecules. The 45-m telescope continues to produce intriguing results together with the 10-m ASTE telescope and ALMA in Chile.


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