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ALMA was built and is operated in Chile, on the Andean plateau 5000 m above the sea level, by a global partnership among Japan/Taiwan/Korea, North America, Europe, and Chile. ALMA “sees” astronomical objects in millimeter and submillimeter waves using 66 antennas with diameters of 7 or 12 meters. ALMA is delivering breakthroughs in solving the great mysteries of the Universe, such as the formation of galaxies right after the Big Bang, the ongoing births of planetary systems, and the evolution of matter in the Universe leading to the origin of life. The NAOJ Chile Observatory, established in April 2012, is committed to the completion, operations and maintenance of ALMA, as well as the operations of the 10-m ASTE Submillimeter Telescope in Chile. The East-Asian ALMA Regional Center (EA ARC) in Mitaka, Tokyo, promotes research activities using ALMA in East Asia.

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