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300-m Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Antenna

300-m Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Antenna (TAMA300)

Gravitational waves were predicted by Einstein in his Theory of General Relativity. Gravitational waves are expected to reveal new aspects of the Universe that cannot be observed by conventional methods; for example the details of the beginning of the Universe, the core dynamics of supernovae, and the surface behavior of black holes.

The 300-m laser interferometer (TAMA300) was developed to open this new field of astronomy. It started operation as the highest sensitivity gravitational wave observation instrument in the world around the year 2000. It is now used as a test facility for KAGRA (the large-scale cryogenic gravitational-wave telescope under construction at Kamioka) as well as for the development of next-generation advanced interferometer technologies.

TAMA300 is not included in the regular open course of Mitaka Campus and is not open to the public.

TAMA Project Office


Base length300 m
Target of observationGravitational wave
Completion1995 (Heisei era 7)