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Open Use

What's Open Use

The open use is the system that the university researchers (teachers, researchers, graduate students) can be use facilities and instruments of NAOJ.

Throughout the country, there are a lot of public and private universities, and many researchers are engaged in various researches there. The "Inter-University Research Institute Corporation" is set up for these researchers as a place that is to do the joint research beyond the universities and to use the most forefront facilities and instruments. As one of the institutes, NAOJ provides the forefront facilities and equipments, including Subaru Telescope. The NAOJ calls for the proposals for each project which provides the joint use. After that, it would be reviewed by scientific point of view, and then the open use is conducted about the selected theme.

The System of NAOJ Open Use

NAOJ as an Inter-University Research Institute

1. Advisory Committee for Research and Management

This committee discusses about total management at NAOJ such as personnel, budget, joint use, future planning, and so on. Half of the consist member is outside NAOJ, and it sets the system that is possible to reflect the opinion of the joint user.

2. Project Review Committee

This committee discusses the matters concerning evaluation, establishment, reorganization and abolition of the projects of NAOJ.

3. Research Coordination Committee

This committee discusses the matters that are about research coordination of national and international, symposium / seminar, basics of the joint use / joint research, operation of visiting research section / foreign visiting research section , and so on.

4. Each Advisory Committee

The each advisory committee discusses the matters that are about planning / operating / selecting the research topic of the joint use / joint research and technical points of implementing the joint use / joint research.

Now, there are seven Advisory Committees that are Advisory Committee for Optical and Infrared Astronomy, Advisory Committee for Solar and Plasma Astrophysics, Advisory Committee for Theoretical Astronomy, Advisory Committee for Radio Astronomy, Advisory Committee for Astronomy Data, Advisory Committee for Advanced Technology, and Advisory Committee for Public Relations.

Schedule of Open Use

The recruitment of the joint use is done by each observatory and project. The terms of open use and accepting the application are different in each observatory and project . Therefore, for more details, please ask to each observatory and project.