National Astronomical Observatory of Japan



Radio astronomy unravels mysteries and phenomena of the Universe by studying pictures taken at radio wavelengths invisible to human eyes. There are many questions about the Universe that have yet to be answered, including “How were galaxies formed after the Big Bang?” “How have galaxies evolved for 13.7 billion years and developed into the Milky Way Galaxy where we live?” “What is the detailed structure of the Milky Way Galaxy like?” “What is the formation process of the Solar System and other planetary systems?” “What did it take to give birth to the Earth abundant in fauna and flora, and also to the Moon close to the Earth?” and, “How and when did life arise during the evolution process of cosmic materials?” These questions and other mysteries of the Universe are studied in close cooperation by the members of the Division of Radio Astronomy of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan : the Nobeyama Radio Observatory, the Mizusawa VLBI Observatory, the RISE Project, and the NAOJ Chile Observatory that has constructed the ultimate radio telescope in Chile.