National Astronomical Observatory of Japan



JASMINE is a satellite for measuring the distances and apparent motions of stars around the central bulge of the Milky Way with yet unprecedented precision. First we are planning the launch of a small science satellite in around FY2019. This Small-JASMINE with a 30 cm diameter primary mirror will focus on the survey of a restricted region limited to only a few square degrees of the bulge. Secondly we plan to launch a middle-sized satellite with an 80 cm diameter primary mirror in the 2020s that will survey the entire region of the bulge. By observing infrared light that can penetrate the Milky Way, these JASMINE missions will be able to obtain reliable measurements of extremely small stellar motions with the accuracy of 0.01 milliarcseconds (1 / 360,000,000 of a degree) on the sky. These will provide the precise distances and velocities of many stars up to 30,000 light years away. With such a completely new map of the Milky Way, including the information about stellar movements, we expect that many new exciting scientific results will be obtained in various fields of astronomy.

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